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About Botanical Bliss

“Botanical Bliss explores the healing power of plants in all natural hand-made herbal remedies.”


Botanical Bliss products are designed by a chartered herbalist and made by-hand and on-site from high quality locally grown herbs, pure essential oils, superior vegetable oils and beeswax from our own bees. All Botanical Bliss products are gluten and GMO-free and do not contain petroleum, phthalates, parabens or artificial fragrances.

Robin Round, Owner of Botanical Bliss, is a Chartered Herbalist with over fifteen years’ experience designing and creating herbal healing and aromatherapy remedies. Robin has been a member of the American Botanical Council since 2004. Robin grows over fifty herbs organically on her herb farm in Duncan, BC and sustainability wild-harvests herbs on Vancouver Island. Robin believes in sharing her herbal wisdom with others and offers all-natural herbal cosmetics/soap making classes at her farm in Duncan. She has also taught herbal classes in Vancouver, Whitehorse Yukon, and Fairbanks Alaska.

Botanical Bliss was inspired by Robin’s love of plants and Nature fostered by her late father since she was a child. After twenty-five years of environmental and social justice activism, Botanical Bliss represents a culmination of Robin’s desire to help heal our spirits and our planet, one person at a time. Robin believes that every remedy she makes is a collaboration between the soil, water, sun, the plants and herself. Robin feels she is one of many conduits through which plants find ways to heal us all.