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Here are a few of our favorite photos, from around our Botanical Bliss Herb Farm, our Garden Tours and our annual rose hip picking adventures in the Yukon.

Botanical Bliss Farm began as a dream when Robin Round, Owner, left Whitehorse, Yukon with a desire to grow all her own herbs for the products she had been designing since 2004. She chose the Cowichan Valley, also known as the “Warmland”, for its incredible growing season and its small scale, local and organic community of farmers, healers and healthy types.

Robin found a beautiful terraced property in the spring of 2011 with horrid, overgrown, weed-infested (yes, it was covered in invasive morning glory!) terraced gardens and fell in love with it. She rolled up her sleeves and got to work. Working alone for the first three years, she gradually cleaned the gardens, built up the clay soil year after year with her own and local compost and began to plant the herbs she loved

Robin Round, Owner of Botanical Bliss, has trained as a Commercial Photographer (Fanshawe College, London ON) and loves to photograph the beautiful flora on and around her property. She also loves to hike in the magnificent old growth forests and at other stunning natural sites on Vancouver Island. She shares a lot of her photographs on Facebook and Instagram

The Bliss hosted its first ever garden tour in June of 2014. Over 40 people came to tour the gardens and meet the over 40 herbs Robin had marked on her property. She held an herbal medicine making workshop for gathered participants and offered cold herbal tea. She was helped by the incredible efforts of Chloe Beam and Wanda Williams.

Every October, Robin Round, Owner of Botanical Bliss, and her partner Henk, travel to Whitehorse Yukon for a week of wild rose hip picking. Robin watches the weather in the north closely to ensure that there has been at least a week of hard frost before they go. The hips are transformed from hard and mealy to soft and delicious once that frost hits. Ask any Yukoner – no one makes rose hip jam or syrup before there is a hard frost! We generally don’t harvest on Vancouver Island as the rose hips do not get enough frost to be useful and many merely turn black and fall off in the rain!

In 2015, Henk and Robin picked over 75 pounds of the frozen beauties! Rose hips are the key ingredient in Botanical Bliss Wild Hip Face Cream. Rose hips are one of the world’s richest sources of vitamin C – 3 hips has as much as an orange! Vitamin C is ant-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and collagen building on the skin. The hips also contain Vitamin A, the skin vitamin, bioflavonoids, Vitamin E, minerals and B complex vitamins. Here’s a link to our hip picking videos. (Coming Soon)

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Robin Round, Owner of Botanical Bliss, studied Beekeeping through local long-time beekeeper Steve Mitchell at Vancouver Island University in March of 2012. Later that spring she got her first hive of bees and has been an avid beekeeper ever since. She is a member of the Cowichan Valley Beekeepers Association and with her partner, Henk, currently has 6 hives at two locations in the valley.

Botanical Bliss Herb Farm

Botanical Bliss was honoured to be a part of the 26th annual Cowichan Valley Garden Tour on June 5, 2016. The tour showcases six local gardens and is a big fundraiser for the Cowichan Family Life Association. We are very pleased that they were able to raise a near record amount in 2016 to help their counseling services.

The tour highlighted over 60 herbs which were individually marked and numbered. Participants were given a guidebook of the herb’s history and uses and invited to tour the gardens and meet the herbs. Botanical Bliss had just installed drip irrigation on the property and had terraced the new property at 6125 Lakeview prior to the tour. In five years, the terraced hillside has been transformed into a healing demonstration and working herbal garden. Robin did an herbal medicine making workshop for the over 350 participants in the tour at 12 and 2 on newly terraced property.

The Botanical Bliss Team of Henk, Avery, Wanda and Kym made the tour possible with weeks of hard work and tireless commitment prior. No garden can be this beautiful without the help of many and the plants and Robin are incredibly thankful to the Team. Robin was honoured that her 85 year old mother Vivian was able to attend the event – Vivian lives in Winnipeg.

Herbs have been used for countless centuries to help heal up all manner of human ailments. While there are thousands and thousands of healing herbs on the planet, herbalists like Robin Round of Botanical Bliss, often draw on a number of their favorite herbal friends for a wide range of healing help. Here are a few of Robin’s best friends.

Botanical Bliss is based out of Herbalist and Owner Robin Round’s Duncan BC home and we have no formal store-front. Vancouver Island’s many farmer and community markets and craft fairs are where we set up shop and share over 40 products that we make ourselves. You can always find us at the Duncan Market every Saturday til 2 pm even in January! We also love the Cedar, Parksville, Chemainus, Moss St and many other markets on the island during the summer. In November, the Bliss Team is busy at a wide range of Craft Sales and Christmas events all over Vancouver Island. The Bliss has recently jumped the pond and is now doing big Christmas shows in Alberta! See our Upcoming Events for our current schedule.

Wildcrafting is the term given to plants that are harvested where they grow in the wild. Robin Round, Owner of Botanical Bliss, loves to harvest plants in their natural environments being very careful to harvest only enough for her needs. Wildcrafters are always respectful of the plants and always take only a little from here and a little from there to ensure the sustainability of the plants in that area. See also “Yukon Wild Rose Hip Picking” (Coming Soon) for our annual trip to wild harvest rose hips.