Making Herbal Oils and Tinctures Monday 30th September


How to make simple and easy herbal remedies for you and your family. You will create both an ointment and a tincture, which you can keep and take home at the end of the class.



Our Herbal Oils & Tinctures Class starts on Monday 30th September at 7:00pm at Botanical Bliss in Duncan. You will learn what herbs to use for specific conditions and how to make ointments and tinctures from them. We will all make an ointment to take home, will test a range of herbal tinctures and take home recipes and more. As a bonus, I will share my Fire Cider recipe – the powerful flu buster that keep you and your family healthy this winter! Register on-line or by calling Robin at 250-710-1276.

An herb steeped in oil can become a massage oil for aches and pains, or with beeswax added, an healing ointment for eczema or wounds. An herb steeped in alcohol and water can become a tincture to be taken internally to fight colds and flu or to aid digestion or to assist sleep.

Creating simple plant-based remedies was historically the way we all healed ourselves – 80% of the world’s population still uses plants only for healing. Making our own medicines is becoming increasingly popular in Canada as we realize many of the foods we eat make us unwell and the allopathic medicines we take may have serious side effects.

Those who use home-made plant remedies quickly realize and are often totally surprised by their effectiveness. “A plant from my garden can do this!” Figwort for itches, plantain and comfrey for wounds, calendula for fungal infections and lavender for nerves – plant are here to heal us and we just need to learn how to use them.

Location: Botanical Bliss Herb Farm – 6119 Lakeview Drive Duncan, BC.

Cost: $35 + tax and includes all supplies.

Date: Monday 30th September

Time: 7:00 – 9:00 pm

Please remember to bring a copy of your email receipt to class as proof of registration, thank you.

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