When it comes to Botanical Bliss product testimonials,

our customers make us blush!

Donna Lee visited the Duncan Market today on a mission to get her Wild Hip face cream. I am so honoured by her love of our cream!

Shaw TV’s GO ISLAND with Daphne visits the abundant herb garden of Robin Round, where tinctures, ointments and oils are created for Botanical Bliss.

You are awesome and I love and appreciate your product and what you do. You are so blessed to be doing what you love ❤️

Michele DeMontigny Rooke

Love your cream! The only thing that works in freezing cold Edmonton on my skin!

Lynn Carrier

I am on my second batch of wild-hip rose facial cream. I bought my first container at a Coombs farmer’s market, last summer. I have bought many other creams in the past, But I usually stopped using the product mid way. Usually because it makes my skin either oily or dry. But I LOVE this facial cream. I am almost done my 60 mls, and I just bought the 120 mls size from the Market on Millstream. I love how moisturizing the cream is, my skin feels so good. My only complaint is that it doesn’t have a SPF sunscreen in it, but it won’t deter me from using it since my skin feels and looks fantastic.
Claire Ralph-Strickland

Transit Bus Operator at BC Transit

I love these products! I bought the baby bum cream for my son when he was first born. Bought it twice after that as it worked better than any cream I tried(not wanting to use toxic creams that would cause harm to my babies skin. I recommended this product to locals of Duncan and to seek her out as this stuff is amazing and it really works!
Robyn McKinty


Repair Ointment at the Olympics
I am a dedicated client of monthly facials and pedicures. Over many years, I have used probably every face and body product manufactured and had settled on one variety for over ten years. After just one jar of the Wild Hip Cream (I like the Rose), I will use this product the rest of my life. My skin is rejuvenated, it’s not greasy and it matters to me that there isn’t one chemical in it nor any chemicals used to grow the plants found within. Robin’s soaps are also amazing and very addictive and you can’t believe you’d go back to ‘store-bought’ soap again.
Brenda Burch

President, Social Media Is Not Simple

Absolutely love the feel of my face after using Wild Hip! ‘Quit yer itching!’ is doing far more for my scalp psoriasis than the prescription, and it truly soothes and calms. I cannot recommend these products highly enough – they feel great and they truly work!
Carole Tootill

Nanaimo, British Columbia

The best face cream I’ve ever used! So light & non-greasy and goes a long way. Also love your soaps and essential oils. One of my stops every weekend at the market. Thanks Robin.
Nan Birnie


I have been using your cream for years and I love it…i use only your cream. So thank you for all your hard work 💜

Beverly Brown


This cream is so amazing! Works amazing under the mask/scarf etc of this Manitoba girl, especially throughout our dry winters!

Juana Baldwin

I purchased “Clean” soap for my daughter just over a year ago, who at the time was 16 with hormonal acne. She had tried many different brands of facial cleansers with no positive results and only frustration. I saw Robin behind her display of products at a Christmas Craft Fair at the Filberg Lodge in Comox and explained my daughters situation. She asked that she try “Clean” and promised results, positive results.
Before my daughter finished the first bar of “Clean” she saw results. Clean skin, bright beautiful complexion with no break outs. We now purchase moisturizers, masks and the bars of soap. I can not give enough positive praise about these products and Robin. I am so grateful to have found them.
Cathy Brydon


Botanical Bliss - Find Your Bliss hand Made Nature Products talk about a loyal customerJackie was visiting the island from Toronto and came to the Cedar Market just for my face cream! I am so honoured. Look how battered that biz card is. She has been in love with the Wild Hip face cream for two years now!

Thanks Jackie, you made my day!


Homeowner from Toronto

last year I was fortunate to stumble across Botanical Bliss at a local farmers market. I am 32 years old and since the age of 16 I have tried almost every cream available, from the “good” drug store brands, to the $200+ jars I would get from Europe. I can honestly say that after experiencing Botanical Bliss for the first time I have ended my search for the perfect cream. My skin had never felt more amazing and I tend to skip the foundation more often than not because I have seen a difference in my skins appearance as well. Best part is the way it smells, Lavender is my favorite. Love that I can actually read the ingredients and know what I am putting on my skin. So glad I found you Robin, thank you!
Andrea Sanders

Nanaimo, British Columbia

Hi Robin I had the best time at all your classes you are a wealth of great information. I did the ointment and tinctures, Essential oils and soap making, I loved them all, Robin is a great teacher and is always open to helping people with there creations. I feel blessed to have met her and value all I have learned and feel I can contact her if need be. Thank you Robin was a pleasure, hope to see you out and about.
Wanda Garrett

Pet Owner

After trying the wild hip face cream and wild hip hand and body lotion, one on each hand today, tonight both feel great, but the lotion absolutely makes my hand incredibly soft and smooth. Love it!💝 thanks robin. I’ll be back for more when my bottle runs out!!
Bev Angus

Duncan, British Columbia

I have only been using the rose hip face cream for a week and I can already see a huge difference! I have VERY sensitive skin and I am always hesitant to try new products but this cream has only improved my skin!
Amy Griffiths

Duncan, British Columbia

Hello! We attended a lovely outdoor market near Duncan on July 8, our first time in beautiful BC! Having just wrapped up a stressful school year, my face was a terrible, scaly mess I couldn’t get rid of, no matter what I tried. My husband found your booth and thought your products sounded perfect for me. Since I began using the lavender hip face cream, my complexion is beyond back to normal! Also the Repair balm has done wonders for my feet! Love the charcoal soap and plan on trying the yellow clay mask soon. Definitely will be ordering more of your fine products!
Tammy Balasa
Tammy Balasa